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How to remove grease from your grill?
An end to strenuous scrubbing with a scraper! Try using an abrasive cloth and you will see the difference.

How to wash a pan without scratching it?
You no longer have to fear scratching your pan! Try the revolutionary non-abrasive microfiber (blue, white) material on our sponges.


What can you use on stubborn dirt?
The menace you no longer have to fear. A white melamine cleaning spong and scourers saturated with soap are the best aids for getting rid of stubborn dirt and removing it in a flash.

Do you know how to make cleaning more easier?
Do you want your home to be sparkling clean and still have enough time to relax? There is nothing easier than reaching for a white melamine cleaning spong or a cleaning sponge with a polishing surface.


Do you know how to ensure your skin is silky smooth?

How to pamper your tired body…
You will feel like you’ve had an hour-long professional massage after using the bath sponge with massage layer (small) or large massage layer.


Make sure your “metal darling” is always in top condition.

How to remedy smaller inconveniences when travelling?
Don’t forget to put the auto set in your car and you’ll have all the solutions.


How to achieve professional cleanliness?

To ensure that your work area is as excellent as your cooking skills…
The well-tried contoured Jumbo sponge and scourers will do most of the work for you.


(Practically) anything is possible…
Do you want tailor-made sponges?
Would you like an original inventive gift?